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There are a lot of good loops this month, so if you go to, don't just watch mine, check out the others:
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SOMEONE left their phone at a restaurant, so I had to run drunk across 2 city blocks and back.  And I missed the opening Rifftrax short, "What is Nothing."
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Admittedly, I dropped the ball on this loop. It is what it is- I make no
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Look at Louis C.K., knowing all about cameras! I'm getting turned on:
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This is the description of the movie Solanin I was given:

Blu-ray release of Japanese film "Solanin" starring Aoi Miyazaki. The story
centers on two young man and woman who live for the dream. Meiko quits her job
to be free, and Taneda, a struggling curbstone musician carries on music
activity without a regular job. The two live together in Tokyo side-by-side with
various anxiety, however Taneda is encouraged by Meiko, and he and his fellow
band members create a song "Solanin." They send it to the record company, but do
not hear a word from them. Then one day, Taneda dies in a motorcycle

Actually, I'm not sure if that's a description or a summary.
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Rover Dangerfield.

Thank you, 1991.
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There's this:

or this:
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Here's our loop for the July Loop:

Voices were done by Allen Probus and Rip Tippets

Audio edited by Mrs. Rat

Music done by hzlancer.
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We'll have a new loop on Saturday or Sunday for the Loop de Loop blog

This is apparently our future, which is fine because it's not video game

...Although game parodies usually generate monies. Good thing I'm so wealthy I
don't have to care about tiny dollars.

After Catherine happens, we'll release some not-loops. is now functionally our blog, and I'll begin crossposting
here, from there, once I figure out how to not steal my own bandwidth.

We're posting Fun is for Fags every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at somewhat
arbitrary times, in case you've missed or avoided that series. It was created
by someone else, but I stole all the rights to it, so I'm hosting it.


Jul. 13th, 2011 01:23 pm
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For the people complaining about the Netflix price hike, it's great to see that
your priorities are in order.
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We're currently in the process of transferring our site content over to Wordpress (integrated). If you go to or, you might see old stuff you forgot about, or maybe things you missed originally.
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Here' my post from last month when I did a loop, thanks a lot Dreamwidth:

Here's a short loop made for
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Our new loop for the monthly loop things. This month's theme was opposites. If you look to understand natures, the birds and the bees are known oppsoites, like Ying and Yang, like man and woman. The bee will inseminate and fertilize the bird with its pollen, and the bird will make an egg, but like a boy and a girl does. Will it make a bird or a beee? You'll have to wait 9 months to find out what will hatch! Nature is very beautiful and mysterious. You may please enjoy our new loop- it's about 25 seconds long, and features an original music by Cebster (, who also scored our Christmas cartoon "Fatal Wren Woes" from about 8 years ago.

"The Birds and the Bee" will be exclusively on until next weekend, then I'll stick it on Newgrounds and and You'll bee tired of it by then, I'm sure, but it'll be there, just in case you stop being tired one time.
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So, apparently, my posts post April 20th haven't been posting. I always email my posts, and I used to check to make sure they posted- they always did, so I stopped checking. Just in time, too, because they did stop, and now I have to go dig through my sent items to find all of the posts that should be here, but aren't. Thanks, Dreamwidth.


Apr. 20th, 2011 06:15 pm
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I hope everyone had a good Bicycle Day. I was too busy to say this yesterday, but maybe you knew I was thinking it.
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We've been watching some old movies lately on MST3K that feature a narrator, and
it's made me think that more movies should make use of a narrator.
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person: wait, the government is shutting down? what happens if the government
shuts down?

me: hilarity ensues.

3 Words

Mar. 22nd, 2011 05:29 pm
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so, there's that. my three words: secrets, pogo, flesh.

soooooo, i'm thinking this thing isn't all that accurate. i hope.
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so why do we say combo? it should be combi.

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