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We're currently in the process of transferring our site content over to Wordpress (integrated). If you go to or, you might see old stuff you forgot about, or maybe things you missed originally.
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i won't get into what we're working on, but it's short and maybe will happen this month.

Just some heads
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this year, i decided that, as my resolution, we would stop be sillyfucks over here at nihil & rat, and instead focus on the serious things in the world. there's too much going on to tarry about with vague notions of philosophical precepts and preoccupations with dreams and the fictions of the mind. there's no room for absurdities in a world devoid of contradictions, a world so centered on certainties and absoluteness.

our cartoons will now deal solely with Important issues, with lots of serious dialogue. we need to give back to the world. the following lines are for other things i would say if i cared to continue this tangent: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2011 Resolution
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it became more and more apparent to me that i would not have this cartoon done for Mrs. Rat's birthday (which is today), as simple ideas became more complex and better looking. i had to do something for her, though, so here's the first draft of Nihil and Rat's coat of arms, and our new fancy logo:

Nihil & Rat Coat of Arms
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after talking about it for 57 weeks, we decided to upgrade our Flickr account. things are now organised, and expansion will be a thing of the future. enjoy our generosity:

next on the list is making handmade things or shirts, for people who are you and might want handmade things or shirts. also a cartoon about something, i think.
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according to this thread:

Tree Again: Stand Alone Proxy is on this year's Treasure Hunt list. if you watched and liked it, you should reply to the thread, with something about how you watched it and thought it was "meh," or "ok, i guess."

Tom says: "Watch as many as you can and reply with your favorites! When you don't it makes me feel like no one cares and you don't want that, right?"

but really, you only need to have watched Tree Again.

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