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the mall is hell. everyone in the world is there shopping for "deals," that is, buying things that cost less than a dollar for a price half that of its normal retail price of 10000% more than its production cost. it is difficult to have decent fights because of sea of talkative flesh, which doesn't at all pay attention to anything outside of what it's looking at. awful, awful place. and the food court smells like a dumpster.

if you instead stayed home or somewhere else, you should have been watching The Wild World of Batwoman. what it lacks in intergalactic finance, it makes up for in go-go dancing.
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not that i ever want to talk about [community profile] panweirdism ever again, or so soon, [personal profile] burnvictim and i did iron out some of the godless commandments for the community. just the usual fare, designed to keep out the riff raffs, magentas, poor people, and "brown" people, none of whom anyone wants anywhere near anything. with that line in the sand... something something.

i just got back from rifftrax vs the house on haunted hill, which is an awesomely dry movie that raises more questions than it answers. better than that is an incredible short called "Paper and I," about a deranged boy and his creepy talking paper bag.

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