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tengu guy and bee

right, i forgot i was updating this every day.

the new spring woodchuck is fantastic if you love maple syrup and brown sugar. which i do.
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the song will be in my head all night.

a professor type guy
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quick noh prototype

can't sleep. 35 seconds later, this.
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vitamin c

can't sleep, so this.
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some guys.
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just some guy
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big face
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you know who i want to see in an Arkham Asylum-style game?

This guy.

it'll never happen.
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i won't get into what we're working on, but it's short and maybe will happen this month.

Just some heads
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this year, i decided that, as my resolution, we would stop be sillyfucks over here at nihil & rat, and instead focus on the serious things in the world. there's too much going on to tarry about with vague notions of philosophical precepts and preoccupations with dreams and the fictions of the mind. there's no room for absurdities in a world devoid of contradictions, a world so centered on certainties and absoluteness.

our cartoons will now deal solely with Important issues, with lots of serious dialogue. we need to give back to the world. the following lines are for other things i would say if i cared to continue this tangent: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2011 Resolution
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it became more and more apparent to me that i would not have this cartoon done for Mrs. Rat's birthday (which is today), as simple ideas became more complex and better looking. i had to do something for her, though, so here's the first draft of Nihil and Rat's coat of arms, and our new fancy logo:

Nihil & Rat Coat of Arms
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i feel all beat up. that's what happens when you win the karate tournament. the secret is to use judo.
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this morning, i dreamed about Robocop in a convenience store, and some criminals had him at gunpoint. they took his helmet and visor off, and this is what he looked like:

Robocop Unmasked

he's like a mix between Robotcop, Pinhead, and one of the dark overlords from Howard the Duck. his mouth continued to expand until it covered the upper part of his chest. i'm not really doing it justice here, it was pretty great.

i'm also reminded of the dentist scene in the Coneheads movie.

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