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Mar. 17th, 2011 01:03 pm
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June 2006

dimensional rifts that had been created over the past few decades had caused
multiple Fantastic Fours to exist. the originals were in a retirement home, but
no one knew it was them, despite the fact they looked exactly like who they are.
i think this whole story is dumb.
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i found this one, from May 31st 2006:

i'm hanging out on a curb with some people. there's a cute girl among them.
then i notice that i have tiny brown beetles on the edges of my white shirt. i
say "it's fine," but she gets a little creeped out and walks away. soon, i'm
covered with beetles. large brown beetles. they're all over my legs, and
starting to sting. dap6000 shows up, and we suddenly go to a room with
pink-magenta-ish walls. he says he can get rid of the beetles with a large
rubberband, but i don't like the idea, so he moves to plan B, which is to beat
my feet and ankles with a wooden hanger. it hurts.
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if you haven't done so already, you might consider sending a little money to
help Japan via the Red Cross.
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sometimes i think about old cartoons, and the incredibly talented animators who
did amazing things with them, but at the same time, i can't help but think "you
had all that talent, and all you could do was recreate Aesop's fables and
make anthropomorphic animals beat each other up. goddamnit."
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if anyone lives near any good poster or print shops, i'm looking for a copy
of Daniel's Answer to the King, by Briton Rivière. preferably poster sized, but
smaller would be ok. more than 8x10, at least.

also, i tried coffee for the first* time, and think i could like it. actually,
it was a latte, but i think i could like coffee on its own.

[*being that if i tried it pre-memory, i don't remember it.]
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if i had this guy's name, there'd never have been a, because
my name would be Mongo. and i'd have or, if mongo were
taken. i assume it would have been.
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There are certain social skills i lack, on account of my being a sociopath- and
it's not that i care that i don't have them, but i do notice when these skills
fail to activate. It usually makes me wonder what's going on in other people's
heads when they see that i didn't perform the secret handshake everyone knows,
because it kind of seems like they're vaguely reacting to my lack of
reciprocation... and while i imagine that most of the flotsam is actually
thinking about Lost, Sarah Palin's tits, and sweet deals at K-Mart, it's
entirely possible they're not completely self-absorbed in their own horrible
tedium. One of the big social skills i don't seem to have is the "Passing
Smile." This is when two people pass each other, often in a hall, and they
politely smile at each other. i'm not clear on the point of this exchange- i
think it's to convey some sense of undeserved camaraderie, as if to say "we're
both in this crazy hallway together, friendo!"

So, i see this approaching smile, and it seems like i should smile back. i feel
some of the muscles in my face move, out of a need for social camouflage, if
nothing else, and all this time, i've been pretty sure that i've been
duplicating a semblance of a smile, cementing this mock-camaraderie just long
enough to suppress any suspicions that i'm a robot or a monster. It turns out,
though, that i absolutely have NOT been doing this.

Curious, i held the expression after a Passing Smile incident, and dashed off to
the nearest mirror- what i see is that there's not even a barely
sort-of-could-be-construed as a smile smile on my face. i'm expressionless,
apparently. i thought it was possible the smile faded in the time it took to
find a mirror, so over the next few Passing Smiles, i studied the feeling in the
muscles around my mouth. Later, i stood in front of a mirror and duplicated
that feeling. Nothing. There's only the absolute slightest shift to the
corners of my mouth. You would need special attention and possibly special
lighting and a magnification played in slow-motion with a side by side of my
normal mouth position to ever notice it.

Fortunately, i've also noticed that many people seem to avert eye contact during
the Passing Smile, which probably lessens the chances of them really noticing my
non-smile. Coupled with the tedium of being them, they're probably actually too
distracted to notice what expression the soulless creature floating past them is
wearing. Maybe they edit the memory and add their own smile. Noticing the lack
of eye-contact, though, raises another issue, because i don't avert my eyes as
we pass. i will look directly into your eye. Not only am i not smiling at you,
i'm staring right into your eyeball. Which i guess might be awkward? In all of
this, i'm realizing that my ability to mimic these social norms isn't very good.

i can't fake it around children, either. Children smile and wave and say "hi."
Instead of smiling, waving, and saying "hi" right back to them, i find myself
either making eye contact, and then ignoring them, or blankly saying "hi" back
to them- a parrot probably sounds more convincing than i do. If i can tell
there's nothing behind my response, i'm pretty sure kids can, too. They may be
almost entirely stupid, but they're fairly intuitive... which is maybe not the
best trade, but it's pretty great when compared to the fact that they'll grow
out of their intuitiveness and be left with only stupidity when they're adults.
i'm wondering, then, if i should practice these things a little, but it seems
like a lot of bother. Eventually, everyone should figure out that i'm
unfriendly, and better than them, thus too important and busy to waste my time
with little bits of etiquette.
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Have you ever wanted to go to Nihil and Rat .com, but then you were too lazy to
type in all of the letters, or too confused by all of the hyphens and latin to
bother with it? Of course you have. But now, thanks to my infinite compassion
for all living things, you no longer have to deal with the accompanying angst of
typing you can simply type It's the
exact same site, and only requires you to remember nine simple letters.
Technically, you only have to remember seven letters, because two of them are
repeated. Both addresses work! Use one, use the other, then change it up...
have hours of giddy fun using one URL, then the other, getting the same results
every time!
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Atlus fiiiiiiinally announced Catherine's release, stateside. so i know what
i'll be doing this august.

this also means i have no games to worry about until July 26th after the
upcoming ACB dlc.
which is kind of nice, but also a little disappointing.
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We're "night owls," the people who stay up late, and aren't "morning people,"
but i'm thinking now that the term is stupid. Like its opposition is a day owl.
Do day owls even exist? If a day owl exists, then it's just the opposite of a
regular owl. Because regular owls are nocturnal. Calling something a night owl
is like calling something a water fish, or a legless snake. Legless snakes can
sometimes be eye seen slithering through green grass, and basking on a stone
rock, enjoying the daytime light of the day sun.

Early birds and night owls. It should be early birds and late birds, or early
birds and LATER birds, which i like more than late birds, which i don't really
like all that much, actually, though "later birds" almost makes me laugh a tiny
laugh. A-people (larks, or DAY LARKS) and B-people (later birds) sounds too
clinical for me. Plus it doesn't tell you anything. You have to know that A
means early and B means late, which makes it useless. A and B could be
anything. It could be vertiveness, as in Extro and Intro, or it could be
handedness. i don't want to assume what A and B mean, even if i know what A and
B mean. What do X and Y mean? In math, it could be anything. So A and B could
be anything.

A something something, such as Night Owl, gives you an idea of what someone is
actually talking about. Like "a ham sandwich." i know from this that you're
talking about a sandwich, and it's predominantly ham-based. Still, Night Owl is
like calling that sandwich "a pork ham bread sandwich." If Larks are day owls,
why aren't Later Birds called "Bats," then? Larks and Bats. Or just Larks and
Owls, really. I tend to like bats a little more, probably because Batman was
cooler than Owlman when i was a kid, and also because Bats are mammals. See,
they're mammals and have hair, and they come out at night, and that makes me
think of the morlocks, who live underground in the dark and also have hair.
More hair, i think, than people on the surface. At least, that's how i
remember them looking in the movie. So morlocks - underground - caves - dark -
night - hair = bats, if you're trying to keep up with my equation.

But then there's, for me, a problem with saying "I'm an owl." Actually, i take
that back... it makes me laugh. So, imagine meeting me, and a conversation
about sleeping or mornings or something comes up, and i just say "I'm an owl,"
and then i start laughing a weird, self-amused laugh, because it's often the
little things that amuse me, but you don't know that, so you think i'm high, or
possibly some degree of crazy, and then maybe you stay away from me. Which is
fine, anyway, because i don't need you around. But there's still a problem with
saying "I'm an owl." Maybe. Saying 'i'm a night owl," makes more sense, even
though it's silly and redundant and doesn't make much sense.

Saying "i'm a lark," though, isn't silly in the same way. It sort-of makes
sense, although it makes me start thinking about meadow larks, and then
Meadowlark Lemon, who's a born again Christian i saw on teevee once talking
about god at 4am, and also about doing things as a lark, which isn't the same as
a bird... and then, when i snap back to the present moment, you're no longer
standing there, and maybe 10 minutes have passed. If you said "i'm a lark," i'd
probably know what you meant, though more people would probably say "i'm an
early bird." But you wouldn't say "i'm a night bird." Even though it makes the
most sense.

Maybe a Night Crawler? That would work. Though it then seems like A-people
could eat B-people, like B-people are inferior and wormlike, and A-people are
awesome and birds and can fly and sing and kick ass while the rest of us wriggle
around in corpses and eat and poop dirt. Even still, it sounds better than
night owl, even though "day crawler" isn't really a term anyone uses... doesn't
matter. Early birds and Night crawlers, right? i think so, for the moment.
While Night Owls are cooler than Night Crawlers, because owls are spooky and
neat... wait, maybe "Regular Owls." Early birds and Regular Owls? Do we even
need to use "Night" to define the situation? If someone says "i'm an early
bird," and you say "oh, not me, i'm a _______________," we probably don't need
the "night" to define how you're not an "early" wotever, since you established
you're "early," which defines Time. i'm leaning toward Regular Owl, now. Or
"Regulowl," if you will (but you probably won't).
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if betelgeuse explodes as apophis passes as a massive solar flare hits in 2012,
i'm looking forward to living in Malibu's Ultraverse.
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tengu guy and bee

right, i forgot i was updating this every day.

the new spring woodchuck is fantastic if you love maple syrup and brown sugar. which i do.
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we were talking about smelly kids in school.

like the kid who smells like hashbrowns and ketchup, or the guy who smells like
garbage and the chick that smells like cat pee.
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serene branson has delivered the message

the end of days is nigh
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"The wind blows an open tune. The sun crawls across your bedroom. The
halo... The wainy moon..."

is an improvement.
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now that the idea is out there, not having a statue of Robocop seems criminal.
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What's special about Google today?

I don't know, this thing.

Oh, a submarine? For... Jacques Cousteau?

Jules Verne.

Ah. It's the same guy. Right? Jacques Cousteau?


He wrote... 40,000 ... under the sea.


40,000 Miles under the sea?


No, he called them "leagues."

It's "miles."

Did he write the story about the people who lived under the earth and then they
came out but they were mutants?

The Time Machine?


Yes, Jules Verne wrote CHUD.
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i dreamed i was a japanese chick who performed opera with a group of japanese
girls. we wore clown-like makeup, the white skin and patterns, but without the
big, colourful smiles. we had to learn the operas phonetically, since none of
us knew italian.

our boss was an old, husky white lady who would find and dig up orchid trees,
and plant them outside of our trailer the night before we had a performance.
she said that it was getting difficult to find orchid trees now, and, in fact,
finding this one and hauling it back had exhausted her so much, she died under
it as blossoms flutter in the breeze around the tree.

i wouldn't get to find out what happened next because i had to wait for the
sequel. the credits roll.
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Black Lake from David OReilly on Vimeo.

while im here...

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